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Sweet Rice Pelota is a typical Keralite snack made with roasted rice powder sweetended with jaggery/sugar and flavoured with cumin seeds, cardamom and dry ginger powder. The rice balls, usually half the size of a tennis ball, prepared traditionally with proper proportion of jaggery/sugar are a nostalgic Kerala snack recipe.

Manna foods authentically prepared Sweet Rice Pelotas are though slightly tougher but fragile in make. It gives you the exact taste which you experienced at your home when you were a kid. The sweet smell of the tempting combination of ingredients such as grated coconut, cumin seeds, dry ginger powder and cardamom powder will never leave your senses.

Sweet Rice pelotas, which come in highly hygienic and food grade air-tight packages, are readily available snack and they are the best combination with a cup of steaming tea or coffee.  


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S. India


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